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Horbax is leading cosmetic manufacturer in Rajkot established with a perception to serve the customers with “QQP” i.e. Quality, Quanity & Decent Price.

Horbax is setup with highly advanced facilities & technologies. We have planned and designed the whole process to keep the wolf open from the door for national & international customers.  

We have expertise in skin care, long lasting hair, body care & beauty products. The ingredients used in all the products doesn’t harm your skin.

Message from CEO's Desk

A warm welcome to Horbax India. First, thank you for showing interest in our products and company. Here you’ll get A to Z details about the company and its manufacturing production capacity. I believe that the success mantra of any business is “customer satisfaction”, I am so thankful to my customers who showered confidence in our products and inspired us to extend our service that provides value to the brand. Being a private label company, we focus on the needs of our customers through efficiency, and reliability and provide solutions accordingly. ‘Sometimes’ ‘Somewhere’! we faced many challenges in adopting the new change and building a corporate plan that allows us to be a market player in this competitive market. In this day to day challenges, we require 100% attention from our experts to improve performance & position for the success of our brand no matter in what kind of market we survive. We are in the way where we make Horbax India a private labeling company as a landmark on its own.
Mr. Shivraj Patel
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Our Mission

With an aim to develop a long-term relationship with customers by providing them quality products & services. We are looking forward to create a value in Indian economy by delivering quality with effective products at decent price.

Our Vision

The company established with a vision “to know as a quality products provider in the cosmetic industry”.

Our Values